How God changed my perspective…

“Please don’t let go of me I need you” “I miss you.” “I want things to go back to normal.” “I miss my best friend” ” But I love you…”
I watched my best friend give me a hug and walk into her house on the night everything changed. (I’m not ready to talk about that yet. But, The Lord is changing my heart to get closer to that every day.) I clung to her emotionally like glue. Not sure what I would do if she became nonexistent in my life. I couldn’t imagine it and I would fight to the death to keep her as wound up in my life as I could. I would not go down without a fight. “God I don’t understand! Why do you want me to feel so alone”

That night started such a change. I didn’t know then but God was doing what he does best. Controlling our lives so we are exactly where we need to be. Never did I think hearing “I’m over it” wouldn’t bother me at all. I always thought hearing those words would shatter my 1000x broken heart even more. But it didn’t. Because in the months between that night and hearing those words God did some incredible things.

“You used to say you had 2 best friends now you don’t talk to either of us” ” God works in mysterious ways” ” I never would have been able to let go without God” “everything happened for a reason”
I heard my perspective change as the words popped out of my mouth. I didn’t type them but they sure made themselves known. God had taken a cry and plea for help and did what he needed to. He went as far as helping open my heart to fully KNOW him and take him into my life. I even got baptized!! Back then I was searching for something. I thought my husband didn’t give it to me, I thought I needed the emotional connection with my best friend, and I was still longing. He fixed everything I was supposed to have and let the rest slip out of my life to help make ways for bigger and better things to arrive. He changed my perspective on life. I no longer need to look to others to fill the longings of my heart. He was healing in the pain and shelter into storm. He restored my soul. “Amazing grace how sweet the sound! It covers every part of me. My soul is silent I am found!”




12 responses to “How God changed my perspective…

  1. adailydoseofhisgrace

    Thanks for sharing from your heart and His grace is amazing!


  2. God’s a pretty sneaky character about that! LOL I say that because He knows what we need and does everything He can to show us what we need too. I’m so glad He changed your perspective because THAT change of perspective allows you to keep #movingforward


  3. It is wonderful that you could see God had a plan for you & let Him change your perspective. Sometimes it is hard when we are in a situation like that. God is good….that is for sure!


  4. His grace is always enough! He brings light into the darkness, and we, as His awesome, mighty warrior daughters do the same! You my sister – live in HIS LIGHT! Go forth, be strong and courageous! He is with you at all times! Hugs and love to you today and forever! ♥♥


  5. Maria…How exciting to see that God has walked with you through your hard places and is bringing you to a place of fulfillment in Him! His ways are certainly not our ways and we don’t always understand what or why or how…but we can trust His plans are perfect! Thank you for sharing!


  6. Thank you for sharing you heart! So many of us hold on to things or people because we think we need them to feel better and to feel fulfilled. I know I have done this many times. It is always so painful to have them ripped out of your life, but when it is God doing it the blessing after is so much greater than what we had before. A friend of mine told me once that God puts people in our lives for a reason and takes them out for a reason. It took me along time to fully understand that. You are in my prayers and I am so blessed to know that God has restored your life!! He is amazing!!!


  7. Amen Sweet Sister! “He was healing in the pain and shelter into storm. He restored my soul.” This is so awesome. Thank you for sharing!


  8. What a wonderful testimony to God’s unfailing love! Thank you for feeling like you could be so honest, and sharing this with us. Blessings on you!


  9. Laura

    Thank you for sharing! God changed my perspective definitely!
    I used to have a very verbally abusive boss. I couldn’t understand why
    God would have me go through this! Fast forward a few years it makes sense now!!!
    He wanted me to learn what not to tolerate and he gave me the strength to find a MUCH
    Better job. He also gave me strength to deal with other personality types. He changed my perspective that I am not a victim and I am worthy!


  10. Thank you for sharing your story. I have been in a place where I relied too much on my best friend for everything, that I had lessened my relationship with God, and he had to break me of that. Moved my friend away from me so that I would see that I needed to look to and rely on Him. Thankfully He is there with us through what we think is the worst and turns it into good for us! 🙂


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