If you leap…

If you leap, he will catch you! God is amazing like that! If you trust him, he will fulfill his promises down to the very last word.

I took this leap of faith. I took a chance and said why not, honestly what’s to loose. I signed up for an online bible study called “a confident heart” through proverbs 31 ministries. We are now going into week 4 and honestly I thought I made a mistake. Nothing is changing. But I have kept on. Early last month I turned down a “position” as my sons Cub Scout den leader. What me? I can’t do that. I don’t know what to do, who anyone is, and I’m way to fearful. No way God.
Well I decided this past week to take a leap of faith. I can do this because I have God on my side. What have we always been told “through Christ anything is possible”. Alright God, here I go please don’t let me fail.

I am sitting here writing this blog as we close out our last night camping as a pack. Also my first week as the den leader. I know to some of you this May seem like no big deal but it is to me and it was beyond doubt and fear that I could do this. This weekend has been amazing. For the first time I wasn’t self conscious not even once. I got up and threw my hair in a pony tail, didn’t worry about make up , wasn’t concerned about my weight, not once thought about how I looked or acted, wasn’t scared people wouldn’t like me if I didn’t say or do the right things, I got up in front of a group of 200+ people with our boys to do a skit sing and dance, and cried in front of all these strangers when we retired our flags and sang our national anthem. I was for the first time, since I can remember,myself. And I loved it. I loved meeting all these people. I loved making a bond with some of the other parents. And I loved leading our tigers around today. Tomorrow is a new day full of quick prayer with scouts, worshiping with church, and thanking God for catching me when I took that leap. So how about you? Take a leap of faith, God will catch you and he will do amazing things! I promise and God promises! I can’t believe I am finally finding my confident heart. God is listening and he is ready for your leap of faith!



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