My mini man

Today my son got sent home from school for an earache. Picking him up for being sick isn’t something new to me. It’s happened a few times over the past 2 years. It’s always been the same thing he cries mommy I don’t want to go home I want to stay at school. Today.  Today was different. They opened the hallway door and lead me to the principals office.  Let me say I’ve never been in her office.  My son is such a good kid.  🙂  sorry had to toot my own horn there for a minute. I was met by the principal, the nurse, and the guidance counselor. I was quite shocked at first since I was only there to pick up my sick child not have a pow woe.  But none the less here I was waiting for someone to tell me what was going on.  Tj, who is almost 7, asked if he could shave his head to be like me. I allowed him to as this was not the first time he would have done so. He told the nurse who he shaved his head and that mommy was sick he just couldn’t remember the name of it.  He did Remember that some people die from it and some don’t.  The nurse being concerned asked how felt about it.  He is scared,  worried,  and sad.  But he doesn’t want to talk to us because we have enough to worry about.  This is why they called this meeting. I felt terrible. I’ve been trying to talk with him and make sure he’s doing alright.  I wish I could have shielded him from this.  Protected him.  I want him to have my godfiedence. We are working on that. Let his word be his strength. On holding on to the promises of the word of Christ. I want him to remember that through God all things are possible. To just keep praying, to give everything up to God,  and he will take care of it all.

If you could take a moment and pray for my mini man. Don’t let this cancer eat away at him.  Let God save him. 


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