God. Faith. Love

I started turning my life back to Christ in May. I always knew he was there. I never stopped believing. I just stopped praying. I stopped seeing, but he NEVER stopped seeing me. He NEVER decided my life wasn’t worth anything or that his plan for me wasn’t good enough. God continued to love me even when I didn’t love him back! His love is a perfect love and unconditional. How amazing is that?!? The more I read my bible the closer I felt to God. I started a prayer journal and I wrote every prayer, every sermon, every negative thought. It has been a life saver for my emotions and for my relationship with God. He always calms my storm just by talking to him, writing to him, and writing about him. As the months have gone by and I’ve grown in my faith more and more I realized I wanted to be completely saved! I signed up to be baptized! Well that was TODAY! It was amazing! I had friends and family to support me. Those that mattered were there and that’s what mattered. God has blessed my life so much. I can’t believe the amount of insane goodness he is! Image

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